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Elastolin 4 cm: Castles, Landsknechts, Turks, Huns, Accessories, Blank Figures, Romans
Elastolin 7 cm: Blank Figures, Various Figures, Weapons & Accessories, Karl May Series, Normans (Elastolin / Ougen *new), Landsknechts, Normans, Damaged Guns (*new), Damaged Figures
Elastolin 5,4 cm Swoppets: Wild West Accessories
Elastolin Composition: Wild West Accessories

Starlux 6/7 cm: Waterloo Soldiers
Timpo Toys: Knight's Accessories, Rare Horses, Union Army Soldiers, Mexicans, Bandits, Variations of Cowboys
Animal Figures by: Starlux, Elastolin (hard plastic, composition), Britains
Original Packagings by: Elastolin (Swoppets, hard plastic), Britains

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New items:

New Elastolin Composition Cowboy at stake, shirt blue - great painting

Product no.: 44764

29.90 *
In stock

New Elastolin 4 cm Farm building, pig barn - top condition

Product no.: 44765

34.90 *
In stock

New Starlux Collection Empire, Soldat d'Empire, No. 8089

Product no.: 44477

6.90 *
In stock

New Starlux Cavaliers d'Empire, No. 8168

Product no.: 44495

10.90 *
In stock

New Great background diorama with house + tower, height 23 cm

Product no.: 44519

39.90 *
In stock

New Great log cabin of composition for Wild West scenes

Product no.: 44520

89.90 *
In stock

New Britains 3 Ceremonial figures on original display - early version

Product no.: 44553

19.90 *
In stock

New Elastolin 4 cm Landsknecht firing, No. 9022 - very nice painting

Product no.: 44623

13.90 *
In stock
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