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Last Update: 01.04.2020

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New figures in following categories:

Britains Deetail: Guardsmen (Metal)
Britains Swoppets: Mounties, Indians

del Prado: Horsemen
Elastolin 5,4 cm Swoppets: Mexicans, Bandits
Elastolin 7 cm: Accessories, Blank Figures

Timpo Toys: Trains and Accessories, Indians, Cowboys, Arabs, Variations of Romans and Cowboys
1:32 (1:35) Boxes by: Esci, Airfix
1:72 Boxes by: Airfix

Original Packagings by: Timpo Toys
Animal Figures by: Timpo Toys, Britains, Leyla
Cannons / Guns by: Roskopf, Bucanero, OKI
Military Vehicles by: Corgi, IMEX
Houses / Wild West Buildings by: Demuso/Vero, Oehme & Söhne, Welo

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New items:


New Chicken (height 3 cm)

Product no.: 58557

5.90 *
Available: 1 pcs.

New Britains Zookeeper with chimpanzees - great set

Product no.: 58589

15.90 *
Available: 1 pcs.

New del Prado Drummer, Nap. Imperial Guard Mamelukes 1810-12

Product no.: 58617

14.90 *
Available: 1 pcs.

New Britains Swoppets Indian with knife + shield - on great standing horse

Product no.: 58637

19.90 *
Available: 1 pcs.

New Britains Deetail (Metal) Scots Guard, officer with sabre

Product no.: 58656

6.90 *
Available: 1 pcs.

New Airfix H0-00 Scale German Panther Tank, No. 1830 - orig. packaging

Product no.: 58667

16.90 *
Available: 3 pcs.

New Airfix 1:72 German Infantry S5 98 - Blue Box, figures loose, complete

Product no.: 58735

14.90 *
Available: 1 pcs.

New Timpo Toys Beautiful set of Arabs, riding (5 figures)

Product no.: 58753

49.90 *
Available: 1 pcs.

New Leyla Donkey with load capacity (height 7,5 cm) - very good condition

Product no.: 58772

24.90 *
Available: 1 pcs.

New Oehme & Söhne Row of houses, 4 parts - orig. packaging, contents unused

Product no.: 58789

69.90 *
Available: 1 pcs.
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