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New figures in following categories:

Britains Deetail: 1. + 2. World War, Motorbikes
Britains Swoppets: Knights (made in GB), Union & Confederate Army
Cherilea: 2. World War 
Elastolin 4 cm: Normans, Knights, Vikings, Romans, Indians, Accessories and Weapons, Karl May Series
Elastolin 7 cm: Settler, Indians, Cowboys, Karl May Series, American Civil War, Original Packagings, Damaged Figures
Starlux 6/7 cm: Farm
Timpo Toys: Arabs, Knights (also Variations)
Composition Figures by: Plastinol (*new), Lineol, Elastolin, Leyla
Animal Figures by: Elastolin (soft and hard plastic), Clairet, Linde, Tietze

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New items:

New Elastolin 4 cm Legionnaire throwing pilum, No. 8421 - on base of nacre

Product no.: 45732

9.90 *
Available: 1 pcs.

New Clairet Pelican - nice painting

Product no.: 45807

7.90 *
Available: 1 pcs.

New Britains Deetail Motorbike US-Army - top condition

Product no.: 45900

24.90 *
Available: 1 pcs.

New Bearskin, hung up to dry (without figure!)

Product no.: 45773

9.90 *
Available: 2 pcs.

New Elastolin Reindeer, No. 5840 - great painting

Product no.: 45839

24.90 *
Available: 1 pcs.

New Cherilea German soldier hit, falling - great position

Product no.: 45893

6.90 *
Available: 1 pcs.

New Elastolin 7 cm Laplander, No. 6400 - orig. packing, figure unused

Product no.: 45916

49.90 *
Available: 1 pcs.
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